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Safety First Is More Than A Motto. It’s A Way Of Life

Consolidated Transport Group is a company that was established to support the security and quality effectiveness of transportation services.

As an organization, we place our customer’s needs first while also creating an efficient foundation for the delivery service providers’ wellbeing as well as a profitable team who can be successful without compromising safety on any level.

Understanding the importance of holistic frameworks in business and how they can be integrated with other key areas is crucial for any company. By using a comprehensive strategy that’s completely aligned, you’ll ensure your entire operations run smoothly without having to worry about anything getting left out or missed.

CTG’s safety program is designed to meet Amazon and industry standards for logistics, transportation companies, and delivery services. We bring experienced trainers that serve as role models for safe practices that deliver our training

Our purpose is to provide safety training in a clear, straightforward manner in order to promote understanding and proper development and action throughout the team. 

To keep current and promote consistent training delivery and scorecard usage, our safety program completes training certifications quarterly. We achieve this by:

DSP Excellence

  • Daily scorecards are monitored with training and recognition provided
  • Enhancing management time supervising and team building to improve engagement and reduce turnover.
  • Keeping a strict eye on vehicle inventories and preventative maintenance.

Q/A Support

  • Comprehensive curriculum for self-directed training and continuing education
  • Management-led ride-along framework for hands-on development
  • Communication of scorecard results and team review practices
  • Generate Monthly training and safety reports
  • Provide Inventory control standards and guidance
  • Proactive measures for Vehicle inspections, maintenance, and scheduled repairs.

Continuous improvement

  • Our “train the trainer” strategy embeds consistent, real-time development
  • Complete access to our certified trainers
  • Direction for Station Organization Design and refinement

Our safety-first strategy is all-encompassing, integrated, and completely aligned with your company goals. We use hands-on quality and coaching leaders to create tools and procedures that enable our employees to deliver excellence every day. Creating a safety-first culture ensures that our practices and policies have a long and lasting presence. Contact Consolidated Transport Group today.

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