The Leading Provider Of Back-Office Services For Logistic Companies

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Back Office Services For Logistic Companies

Cost-effective support services for middle or final-mile logistics and transport companies. Contact us today to learn more about how we can make you more productive.

The Leading Provider Of Back Office Services For Logistic Companies

Consolidated Transport Group provides a wide range of services to help optimize your transport operations. CTG is committed not only to the last mile but also to middle-mile services, which means we’re here for you every step of the way.

Our expert consulting team can provide value-added solutions such as digital platforms and shared service options to save you both time and money. We do this by:

Human Resources

  • Effectively recruit and place drivers to align with volume
  • Complete Onboarding to include DOT and safety compliance
  • Drug screening to improve timely and smart selection
  • Training tools and measurements to inform the team
  • Vendor audits to ensure productive and transparent collaboration
  • Partnering with Health Benefits Group which includes enrollment, accident & injury reports, and templates for documentation for fleet or work-related injuries.
  • 401K referral and establishment

Payroll Processing (ADP)

  • Compile, sort, process and confirm accurate weekly payroll
  • Submit weekly payroll and provide payroll reports
  • Research and resolve any issues with ADP reporting, compliance, etc.

Safety & Risk Management

  • Safety managers who will train and help your management team with the implementation of safety programs, safety measurements, and process improvement.
  • Comprehensive curriculum for self-directed training and continuing education
  • Management-led ride-along framework for hands-on development
  • Communication of scorecard results and team review practices
  • Generate Monthly training, safety reports, and Newsletters
  • Ongoing support through weekly or monthly coaching calls.
  • Provide Inventory control standards and guidance
  • Proactive measures for Vehicle inspections, maintenance, and scheduled repairs
  • Expert support for all claims with insurance or worker’s compensation.


  • Monitoring your weekly & monthly banking transactions.
  • Our team processes your payable, receivable, cash forecasting
  • We generate your monthly financial statements and operating performance reports.
  • Our deep expertise allows for value-added CPA recommendations for filing your tax returns. (Upon request)

Station Launch, Support & Training

  • Develop and implement all your operational systems
  • Recruit, onboard, and develop your team from manager to drivers.
  • Launch your station applying best practices and systems you need to become proficient and profitable more rapidly.
  • Proven framework and curriculum for Management and driver training
  • Comprehensive “Shared Library” of Best operational practices
  • Implement Accounting applications and reporting standards
  • Integrate HR, finance, and station application within our shared services.
  • Optimize Fleet inventory management through reporting and work planning
  • Realize cost advantages through Vendor management, group pricing, and central procurement
  • Embed practices and tools that prioritize safety and mitigate risk

Performance Services

  • Our “train the trainer” strategy embeds consistent, real-time development and serves as the platform for leadership development
  • Direction for Station Organization Design and refinement enhances execution focus and stronger control/management of the operation
  • Implement Performance-based incentive programs that reward team results and sync up with safety first and continuous learning
  • Provide actionable Performance KPIs, accountability guidelines, and dashboard reporting to enable real-time informed decisions and fact-based coaching

Why Choose CTG for Logistic Services?

We understand exactly what it takes behind the scenes to run a logistics or delivery business.

For the past decade, we have been working with delivery and transportation companies all around the country to help them be more productive and profitable. Our goal is to help you establish best practices that will allow your business to reach new heights. We pride ourselves on being able to tailor our services specifically for each client so they can focus less time managing logistics while maximizing profits from their operation. Call CTG today and let’s discuss what the next level of your business looks like!

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