Staffing! The one area that gives owners and managers nightmares in EVERY industry. The transportation and logistics industries are no different. Getting and retaining quality talent can be key to success.

Recruit, recruit, recruit!! Drivers in the transportation and logistics industry are in high demand. Sometimes the revolving door of drivers will create a tornado effect in the office. Constant and continuous recruiting is required to stay ahead of the game, but also to ramp up for peak seasons.

It is important to highlight the perks a driver can experience. All the normal benefits (health, dental and vision insurance, 401k, PTO days, etc), but maybe more importantly, perks that are not normal:
– 4-day work week
– Full pay for 40 hours even if you complete your work in less time
– Freedom to take a break when or if you want
– Driver of the week (gift card giveaway)
– Lunch of the month (lunch provided)

All of these benefits are important to highlight in advertisements and hiring events. This is what will persuade individuals to apply for a position.
Make no mistake, however, it is not easy to get a new hire onboarded. In order to start driving, a potential driver must pass drug screening, background check, a driving test, and training. Once a driver starts, the next phase begins.

Retain and Rinse. In this phase, drivers are evaluated. They are many metrics used, but nothing more important than safety! Can the driver safely navigate the day keeping themselves, the truck and equipment, and customer packages safe? Can they follow the strict guidelines such as always wearing seatbelt, no speeding, complete stops at stop signs, turn off the truck at every stop, locking the truck at every stop, all the while navigating 150+ deliveries in less than 10 hours. Yes? Then everything and anything should be done to RETAIN this driver. No? Then time to rinse them out and try again with another driver.

Overall, the drivers are the lifeblood of the transportation and logistics industries. Having a majority of your driver pool reliable, safe, and responsible to complete a long day of deliveries will help the company be successful.

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